E-bike Conversion

Making Your Bicycle Electric

Electric bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years. For those who ride to work, an E-bike means hills or distance are less of a barrier. Or if you enjoy touring, a pedal-assisted bike may let you travel further and carry more. There is a growing range of ride-ready E-bikes available. But if you have a bicycle you already enjoy riding, another option is E-bike conversion. Bike Knack now offers after-market conversion at reasonable pricing. Customers can bring their own kits, or we can source one for you from local suppliers.

Pedal-assisted electric bicycles come in several basic formats. One class of E-bike has a motor in either the rear or front wheel (or rarely, both). E-bike conversion to this system means buying a new wheel and throwing out an existing one. Another class of electric bike are mid-drive E-bikes. Here, the motor connects to the bottom bracket. This set-up makes better use of existing parts, as you keep both your current wheels. Apart from the motor position, E-bikes also vary in the battery site. With wheel drive, the battery may be on a rear carrier. However, it can also be in the triangle. Mid-drive bikes tend to place the battery here too, where a bottle cage normally sits.

If you are thinking of converting to a pedal-assisted bike, you need to choose the motor power. More power means more help on hills, but also shorter battery life. Power levels are commonly 250 or 350 watts. E-bike conversion kits at this power cost around $1000-$1500 depending on the battery and other accessories. Higher power is available, but usually isn’t necessary. E-bikes generally have a top assisted speed of 25 kph. You can roll down a hill faster than this, but the motor won’t contribute to the added speed. Motor output can also be adjusted using a controller on the handlebars.

­Successful E-bike conversion means mounting the motor correctly for smooth power transfer. The battery needs to be held securely in place and the cable routing shouldn’t interfere with handling. The controller should also be easy to use while riding. Bike Knack offers a high-quality conversion service for suitable bicycles. Our standard labour cost of $300, although this may vary depending on the complexity of the installation. To discuss your conversion, contact Dave on 0437 017022 or by email.

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e-bike conversion

Mid-drive E-bike with the motor mounted in front of the bottom bracket