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Health Knack: Evidence-Based Information on Diet and Exercise

The internet gives us access to huge amounts of information on diet, exercise and health. However, many of the available sources contradict each other. As a result, it can be hard to decide if content on a particular site is well-based, driven by a profit motive, or simply mistaken. Health Knack aims to collect and present background information on a range of topics related to well-being. This should help you to make informed decisions on how to eat, move and maintain your health.

These articles are not intended to replace consultations with a qualified medical professional. However, they may help you in asking the right questions of your doctor. They may also help you decide when to get a second opinion or how communicate more clearly about your health goals. Age or illness will eventually bring all of us to a point where we no longer function at the level we want. But looking after your health can help you put off that point for longer. Health Knack aims to promote that outcome.


Topics of Interest

Have you ever wondered if the Paleo diet is worth following? Trying reading this outline of what we know about diet and human evolution. Want to know if you should give up sugar? You can read through information about fructose and a healthy diet here. (Tip: don’t bother quitting sugar. Go ride a bike instead, and fuel your ride with these recipes.) Do you want to know how to find reliable health information? Try this article. Are you curious about what changes in your body when you get fit? Come back shortly for a summary of some of the fascinating things science has learned.

More topics will be added as time goes on. Feel free to comment via the Facebook page if there is a topic you would like to have discussed, if you want clarification, or if you feel you have more information on one of these topics.